Analysis of existing innovations

Identifying and characterising existing innovations in the three study regions will make it possible to understand the diversity of (formal and informal) innovation processes and of involved actors. Based on these findings, agricultural and rural innovation systems will be characterised. Moreover, the effects of some of these innovations will be measured at various scales.


Experimentation of innovations

Innovations will be experimented in partnership with groups of actors. These innovations mainly concern the following topics:

  • reuse of waste water
  • solar energy
  • irrigation
  • territorial governance platforms
  • groundwater management
  • agro-ecological practices and value chains


Capacity-building and reinforcement of networks

Exchanges between actors and trainings will be organised to strengthen actors’ networks and agricultural and rural innovation systems. These exchanges and training will pay specific attention to young women and young men.

Capacity-building will also include the training of a new generation of engineers and researchers about the specificities of oases and arid regions. Finally, knowledge produced on innovations relevant to oases and arid territories will be made available to actors of these regions.